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Advantages of Using Relay Boards

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

One of the important advantages of using relay boards is to control high current components using minimal current and power to turn on and off.

The electrical that a vehicle is equipped with naturally accounts for the existing components such as the headlights, AC, fans etc. However, when you add additional components, the relay board becomes a positive asset to the system because it now separates it, it brings power from the battery to the board. It is no longer impacting on the vehicle. By bringing power directly to the board, we are now able to control all of the individual components that we want with relays.

We use 30, 40, and 50 amp relays, we can go very high on the amperage side in order to power many components. If you install nitrous in your car, nitrous solenoids draw a lot of current, but if it's drawing from the relay board, it's only drawing from one relay location. Our typical relay boards start at 100 amp capacity and we can customize it higher if needed.

For example, if you install electric water pumps, electric fans, and high powered fuel systems, it requires a lot of current. By running all of these components through a relay board, it allows you to provide individual clean power to each one. You can control it by setting fuse sizes for individual powered components to help ensure that you maintain the supplied power. If you have an issue, it only has an issue on a single leg and does not take out the entire system.

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