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Lil Red's Return..It's Alive!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Dionne Williams

PRESS RELEASE TRACY, CA - April 21, 2022- Williams Motorsports announces their sponsored At The Cross Drag Racing “Lil Red” S10 will compete in the 2022 race season starting April 23, 2022. “The end of the 2021 race season left us with mixed emotions. “Lil Red” blew the motor up on the 3rd day of the Street Car Super Nationals 17 in Las Vegas, NV. The team believed they had a very strong chance to win in either of the 2 classes they entered (triple index and non-electronics). The “Lil Red” S10 was dialed in and set on kill said the driver,” Patrick Williams. They qualified #3 out of greater than 50 participants in the Triple Index. But it wasn’t to be because on their last qualifying run in Triple Index the motor let loose and ended their hope of winning. The rebuild process for “Lil Red” was uncertain for so many reasons, shortage of new parts for a new engine being one of the biggest challenges they believed. After searching throughout Northern California for a suitable engine builder to build the next bullet for “Lil Red” ended in disappointment, due to the timing of the new build it put the hopes of making the beginning of the 2022 race season in jeopardy. They looked outside of California and found Tesar Engineering and Race Engines who not only had the parts but built them a killer combination that would make them a contender in several race classes. The Return of Lil Red Upon receiving the new engine from Tesar Engineering the team felt truly confident that they would make the first races of the 2022 race season. The owner of “Lil Red” shared “they received everything they wanted in the new engine program and he goes on to say sometimes you need to read the fine print for when you ask God for a blessing”. The reason for that statement comes from after receiving the new motor it finally clicked what it means when you have a Dart Lil M block (IRON EAGLE). The new motor’s configuration was perfect except it wouldn’t fit into “Lil Red.” The Iron Eagle block doesn’t have an oil filter space on the block and the oil pan rails are moved out to 11”. The new discovery threatened to delay the start of the 2022 race season. Most fabrication shops had a long waiting list, so there was major doubt about the 2022 race season.

But there is always a ram in the bush, Black Steel Fabrications (Stockton, CA) was that ram. Black Steel Fabrication owned and operated by master craftsman Moe Springfield. This shop creates and fabricates some of the cleanest and sickest race cars and motorcycles in California. Master Fabricator Moe has created so many custom race cars including his own a 1979 LX Mustang (see pictures below). This car is a work of art. All hand crafted and fabricated by Mr. Springfield out of his Black Steel Fabrication shop.

The work Black Steel Fabrication performed on “Lil Red” included the critical notching / removal of the stock “K Member” from the truck to accommodate the new Dart Lil M Iron Eagle block with its 11” wide oil pan rails and just as wide and deep oil pan. The removal of the stock K Member, Moe fabricated a replacement structure that strengthened the K member location and provided sufficient spacing for the engine with a diaper. He also added and fabricated a midplate and mounting brackets. The motor and transmission were installed and pulled out 4 times to ensure proper fitment of new motor and midplate. Moe also added stiffing supports to the frame to enable the stock frame to handle the torque and power of the new engine setup. The At The Cross Drag Racing Team shared, “We were blown away by the craftmanship, knowledge, and customer care provided by Black Steel Fabrication.” Patrick Williams of Williams Motorsports shared, “Moe is an artisan and a true perfectionist. The level of design and care Black Steel Fabrication put into modifying “Lil Red’s” chassis to accommodate the new motor was phenomenal. Moe made his entire shop available to the At The Cross Drag Racing Team on short notice and he put in 12hrs straight to meet our critical timeline.” Pete Claffey of Claffey Enterprises another sponsor of At The Cross Drag Racing shared “if Moe and Black Steel Fabrication hadn’t opened their door to us “Lil Red’s” hopes of an early 2022 race season start wouldn’t happen.” “Lil Red” is set to make its appearance April 23-24, 2022, at Sacramento Raceway to start their chase for the West Coast Pro Gas Association’s D-Gas Championship. About Black Steel Fabrication: The foundation of Black Steel Fabrication started back in middle school in metal shop. Moe Springfield further developed his metal fabrication skills through high school in the ROP welding program and went straight from there to a fabrication shop after high school; building race cars that turn into a custom motorcycle fabrication. He started his own fabrication shop in 1999 and has been self-employed ever since producing some of California’s fastest grudge, street, and class racing cars.

About Williams Motorsports: We are based in Northern California, and we have been in the racing, automotive, and car audio field for over 30 years. Racing has been in our family for over 60 plus years, with Ralph Williams as the founding architect of Williams Motorsports. His eldest son, Patrick Williams is the owner of Williams Motorsports and specializes in everything 12 volts, throttle stops, and engine assembly. ​Williams Motorsports is a place where racers help racers. Whether you are a novice or an OG in the drag racing game, we’re here to help you take your racing program to the next level. For more information, visit

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